Monday, September 12, 2011

Welcome to Bolshoi (Summer in the City)

Hi guys! I am FINALLY starting my blog! YAY! Please be patient with me! The internet connection is not exactly the best here in Russia, so I can't promise any kind of schedule of how often I will be able to post!
      So most of you know that this summer I am training with the Bolshoi Ballet Academy! It is my third summer with the program (I went the very first year they had the program 4 summers ago, as well as 2009 in New York), so obviously I love it! It was kind of strange and sad not to have my old, original Bolshoi friends with me this year, but I did get to see one of my old, and favorite teachers, Mr. Anisimov! I absolutely LOVE him! He is such a great great teacher, sweet person,.. plus isn't he just ADORABLE?!

(Left to Right: Mr. Anisimov, Mme. Revich, Me, Mme. Petrova, and Alexis)
         Madame Revich (above) was my teacher this summer for ballet technique class (Level 1)! I really loved taking her class! She was very tough, but also very sweet and cute! I really enjoyed her for my three weeks there! I also got to take character classes every few days from Madame Petrova! I absolutely loved this class! She is such a beautiful person and great teacher, and I really enjoyed the pieces that we learned because I felt like I could really dance!  Another teacher I had class with was Ilya Kuznetsov, who is another Bolshoi teacher, for my three weeks there as my partnering teacher! He was SOOOO tough, but I looked forward to his class every day! He is such a good teacher, and I feel like everyone improved in his class, even in the short amount of time we had him! You may recognize him from his YouTube channel! He puts alot of beautiful videos of the academy classes and his students, so check him out @ilyaballet channel!
   My 3 weeks in New York were overall AMAZING! First, and most importantly, I loved the training so much! Second, I LOVE the city! Alot of people feel lost or unsafe in the city, but I feel completely comfortable! I love exploring the small side streets (esp. in my favorite areas like Union Square and Greenwich), and just enjoying everything the city has to offer! I usually love to do this kind of stuff with my Momma, so without my mom there, I was super lucky to find a really great friend who enjoyed the same things I do! Alexis and I did soooo much in the 3 weeks we were there, and took so many pictures! ;P <3 I loved spending time with her, and to have found a true, lifelong friend! I was also so happy to have some of my best friends from Kirov with me too, Richard and Alex! I have so much fun with them, and they're kind of funny too....sometimes! Noooo, I love them! Can't wait for the tour guys! ;P
     Bolshoi New York went bye way too quickly, and before I knew it, it was time to leave for Moscow! AH! I was sooo excited, but so nervous! I was the only one from Level 1 going, so I did not really know anyone else that was going! But luckily my friend Mable and Alexis went last year, and their stories and talks really helped! ;P
          It was so hard saying goodbye to everyone! First, saying goodbye to my family and not knowing when the next time I was going to talk to them was hard! I love them so much, and they are my rock! (Luckily I have been able to skype with them since I have been here!) Also, saying bye to Richard and Alexis! They are really true friends, and I love them so much! It was so much fun staying up the whole night with them, and a good way to spend my last night! I did not really get to say "proper" goodbyes to my other friends, but to all of you (Russell, Mariko, etc.,.... and especially Aleksey), I miss you guys so much already! Please keep in touch (and enjoy your last few weeks!)
        This summer just reminded me of how much I love the program! In just a matter of weeks, you WILL become a better dancer! They work you sooo hard, but make it enjoyable at the same time! And I love that we get to dance SO much! Its like a dream come true to be dancing all day everyday! I love the way they organize that, and I love the people that organize it too; thank you Rina, Bolshoi teachers, and all of the RAF staff, again and again! Gosh! How else can I put this:

Alexis and me enjoying our dinner in Little Italy

Oh! And how could i FORGET?! I had the AMAZINNNGGGG opportunity to meet up with Alina Cojocaru and Johan Kobborg after seeing them perform in Sleeping Beauty! It was so beautiful, and then after I got to go backstage because my teacher from CO was Alina's teacher when she was younger! Alina is my absolute IDOL and I have been in love with her ever since I started ballet, so that night was a DREAM come true! (Just ask Alexis haha!) ;P

I love them so much! And they are so sweet! <3
(L: Alex, Richy and me) (R: Russell, Malia and me)

We got to partner everyday! (Konstatin and Mariko, Alex and me)

My Momma (and best friend) visiting me in NYC before I left for Moscow! <3
(Please check out my "Bolshoi NYC 2011" album in the photo tab on the left to see more!)
Tatum <3

(originally posted July 26th, 2011)

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