Vaganova Ballet Academy

Outside of the Academy on the famous Rossi street
The Mariinsky Theatre

Currently, I am living in St. Petersburg, Russia. I was INCREDIBLY honored to receive an invitation to train at the world renowned Vaganova Ballet Academy (Академии Русского балета имени А.Я.Вагановой), and I am now a full-time trainee here! It was a big BIG step to take, but everyday here has been a blessing! For those of you who do not know much about ballet, some brief information about the school and history. In ballet, there are different ballet techniques/styles that you can train in (Vaganova, Balenchine, Cecchetti are three major ones), and the most "classical" is the Vaganova method, started at the academy and by the founder of the school, Agripinna Vaganova. This method of Russian Ballet is studied all over the world; the Bolshoi Ballet Academy, Kirov Academy, among many others. Graduates of the school include the world's most famous dancers; Baryshnikov, Nureyev, Pavlova, Ulanova, Makarova, Grigorovich, Folkine, Chabukiani, Lopatkina, Somova, Vishneva, and Balanchine, to name very few. Needless to say, I am honored and grateful beyond belief to have the opportunity to train here, and to be able to share my experiences with all of you! Please continue to read my blog for updates about what we are up to at the academy, because everyday really is amazing!

Below, you can read all of my blog posts about the school, starting from my first blog post ("It Happens Once in a Lifetime") about my initial reaction to this terrific experience and chapter of my life, and continuing to my most recent posts!

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