Friday, September 23, 2011

Life is a Circus (week 5)

As week five began, I started to feel like my time in Russia was coming close to it's end. It was hard to think that we had already been there for a full month! Time went by so quickly, so we spent the week trying to do everything we had been planning on doing before we left.

Monday I was SO excited because my friend Anton was going to teach our repertoire class! We first had class with 2 different teachers, and then Anton came and taught! I had so much fun! We got to dance Esmeralda, La Fille, Black Swan, and Bluebird variations! The rest of the week was a blast too, because we had that same schedule for our ballet classes, plus character classes on Tuesday and Thursday!

Monday and Tuesday, my friends and I devoted the afternoons to picture taking in Red Square and in front of the Bolshoi. We had so much fun, and got some pretty cool pictures! Here are a few of my favorites;

Margo in front of the theatre

Kyra, me, and Margo

Me at the Bolshoi

On Wednesday after our ballet class and russian language class, we went to a small church that was also a museum to take a master class on Russian doll making. We had a little "tea-time" and of course our daily cheese bread, and then we got to see some homemade Russian dolls. They were so cute, but we were all a little restless and and tired, so we did not get to actually take a class on how to make them. That night, we had bed check at 11:00 as usual. My roommate Margo and I walked into our room, and JUST OUR LUCK, hundreds and HUNDREDS of bugs were EVERYWHERE! We were not about to sleep in our beds with bugs crawling in them, so we set out to kill them! It must have been a pretty funny site, because numerous amounts of people would walk by our door and stop to watch as we threw books on the ceilings and smashed them against our walls while the other ones flew around. NOT FUN! But definitely a night to remember! Luckily we found a solution, and we got 3 plug in bug killers, so we stayed up and watched my FAVORITE movie of all time, the Notebook, until all of them had dropped dead.
Just a FEW of the dead bugs on the window still left in the morning.

  The next day, we went to a farewell dinner with the US Embassy. They talked a lot about how we are now US Ambassadors in Russia, and how when we arrive back in the US, we will have so much to share, and be completely different people. It was a really nice dinner and night!

That weekend was our last weekend in Russia, and Remy and I were going to a new family together again! We were really excited because we were going to be staying with an American family who lived at the US Embassy! It was a really cool experience to see how all of the American families were living as well as learning about their own experiences and thoughts on Moscow and living in Russia! We also FINALLY got to have some good old American food, which was really comforting! The highlight of the weekend, though, was going to the Russian Circus! It was so cool to see, and my favorite was definitely the tightrope walkers! It was so cool, because they walked on the tightrope without any cords and balancing people on their shoulders at the same time! It was so crazy! We also went shopping at Izmailovsky market, and we got some Russian hats too! :P Remy and I had a great weekend, and were ready to start our very last week in Moscow!


With our last host family
Five weeks down, one to go. Let's make it the BEST guys!
Tatum <3

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  1. Aw! That weekend was so much fun!!! <3 Love you Tatoom!!!!! xoxoxoxo